Simple Digital Marketing Tips To Turn Your Dental Practice Into A Thriving One

00-7-dental-practice-marketing-tips-for-print-digital-video-013Earlier, professionals were banned from advertising their services. However, all that changed in the mid-1970s and it became legal for professionals to advertise their services in different media like print, television and on the radio. Dentists were the first tribe of professionals who jumped onto the advertising bandwagon. They had plenty of opportunities and modes to increase their patients. Pamphlets, advertisements in local fairs, dental camps and radio ads were the norm of the day.

With the advent of the internet age, traditional modes of advertising were no longer effective and dentists find themselves grappling with the new modes of advertising. The internet has opened up the modes of advertising. But, it comes with its own set of disadvantages. It became easy for a disgruntled patient to ruin an entire dental practice. So it is imperative that you have the right strategy in place to harness the potential of this new medium. Here are a few tips from, the pioneers of digital marketing for dentists. Make use of these simple tips and widen the reach of your dental practice online.

Top Tips to Integrate into your Digital Marketing Strategy:
1. The major reason why a huge majority of the people put off going to a dentist is because of their inherent fear of dental procedures and their intolerance to the pain. So make sure that you incorporate keywords like pain-free, harmless and sedation in your marketing strategies to attract patients who are scared of dental procedures.

2. Do not ignore the About Us Page on your website. You can provide your background, your passion for dentistry and the techniques employed to help prospective patients get to know you. People often look at the About Us page to get an idea about the dentist and his/her qualifications. Do not make it all about your struggle and the countless hours you put in at dental school to become a dentist. Instead, elaborate on the services that you offer to your patients and how it can benefit them. Also, highlight aspects of your treatment that set you apart from other dentists. It is also a good idea to provide a professional picture of yourself so that people can create a mental image of you.

3. Offer free consultations so that prospective patients find it easier to step into your clinic. This is a great way for the patient to get to know your dental staff and look at your clinic. Patients need to feel that they are important to you. Make sure to provide a lasting first impression. Patients should feel cared for right from the moment they step into your clinic.

4. Create a newsletter that offers simple dental tips and occasional special coupons and offers. This is a great way to turn prospective patients into lifelong clients.

5. Add real images of your practice to your website. This is a great way to earn the trust of patients.
Also, don’t create a shabby looking home page. Have a clear view of what you want to convey and focus on it.

Follow these simple tips and watch your dental practice grow!

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