Pokemon Go Guide For Parents And Children


The most talked about augmented reality game being talked is Pokemon Go. You can visit your neighborhood collecting pocket monsters. It is the right game for couch potatoes who want some exercise. But before that as responsible parents, you need to follow some simple guidelines. This includes allowing a safe play area for kids away from the roads. It is simple for both child and adult. It is important to ensure safety while staying away from danger. Keep the sound low as it facilitates hearing the instructions clearly. Setting time limits is a vital instruction.

The child can get engrossed in the game, therefore it is pivotal to set time limits so that they can complete other activities like homework, extracurricular and household chores and come back to the game later. If your child ventures out in the night, you can ask them to use a torch or glow bands. This can make them visible in the dark. The glow bands can help bicyclist, pedestrians and drivers to identify them. Do not allow your child to ride when the device is on. Ensure that they have focus and adhere to safety rules. Find guidelines on pokemongopeeps.com.

Catching monsters can bring people together on a mission. But the problem is children do not have the sense of community development and meeting strangers could lead to danger. Tell your child that they are not supposed to follow anyone without your assistance. Even when a stranger asks for a rare Pokemon or a PokeStop, children have to be cautious. Privacy is of utmost importance to a child. Ask them not to let out their identity for the sake of the game. Teach them the value of information.

Children can use dummy accounts for play. The accounts should not have any link with their school account or personal account. Never use real names in Pokemon account. Use Pokemon trainer names or code names. Pokemon can be caught as a group. Never venture out alone in quest of Pokemon. Tag alone a friend or family member. Turn off the data and on the tether, this way they cannot go far. Take sunscreen lotion and a lot of water if you are playing in the sun. Take occasional breaks for refreshments.

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