All About Getting the Best Bluetooth Earbuds

Jabra-PulseBluetooth earbuds are for those who least care to carry bulky headphones or want to be least bothered by tangled wires. Bluetooth Headphones are available as earbuds or earphones. The Earbuds have individual units that fit directly into the ear canal. To achieve a perfect fit the tip of the earbuds may be made of silicone, foam, rubber or elastomer. The two earbuds may or may not be connected by a flexible neck band that can be folded and pushed into a pocket. Earbuds are very travel friendly. To get the best of the Bluetooth earbuds available one must know what features to look for.
Performance: Performance simply put refers to the sound quality, but this depends on various features like the design of the earbuds and battery life. A longer battery life will ensure that the earbuds be used for longer periods of time. The sound quality varies based on different manufacturers. Some offer high quality, some may have poor bass or heavy bass.
Features: Bluetooth connectivity will play a very effective role on the mobility it allows a user, some allow connectivity of just 30m while there are others that offer connectivity of up to 100m. Look for easy and efficient controls which will usually be located on the earbuds for convenience. Some controls allow greater choices of sifting through the playlist. Another feature to look for efficiency would be the microphone. This would require a powerful microphone preferably dual. Go for earbuds that enable noise cancellation. Also look for sweat-proof and water resistant features.
Design and specifications: Go for a minimum of 4 hours battery life because the earbuds consume more energy if used for talking whereas listening to music consumes lesser energy. Earbuds connected by behind the neck bands are more stable. They will keep the earbuds in position without slipping out.
Warranty and support: The best offer at least one year warranty with technical online support and help documentations.

Here are three of the best Bluetooth earbuds available:
Jaybird JF3: It offers one year warranty, sweat-proof earbuds in three different sizes. It has a neckband that goes round behind the neck and keeps the earbuds in place. The earbuds have a specialized audio-codec called Shift which makes the sound experience far better than most other earbuds in the same range. It offers the best battery life of 8 hrs that can be recharged in 2.5 hrs. The call quality is good, but lacks noise cancellation meaning that even though you may hear your caller loud and clear, they may hear the noises around you.
Jabra Sport: The sound quality is well balanced, 5.5 hrs battery life, 2 hrs recharging time, great Bluetooth connectivity of 100m, sweat proof earbuds with a smartphone app that can detect heart rate and guide the user through a fitness regimen. The call quality is great due to dual microphones.
Motorola S9: Comfortable earbuds with neckband, exceptional sound quality with noise isolation, 7 hrs battery life, 2 hrs recharge time, 30m connectivity and sweat proof.

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